So today I came across the editing term ‘transcoding’ on a job application. Whilst I was aware that this had something to do with video codecs, that was as far as my knowledge on the matter extended. As someone who’s looking to specialise in editing, I decided to do some more research into the term. …

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Last night I re-watched Arrival with my girlfriend and her parents. The first time I saw it at the cinema was actually accidentally (my GF brought us tickets thinking it was a different film) but one which I am very glad of. There are few films which have left me almost comically slack-jawed when they finish, but …

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During my trip to London over the weekend, I took the opportunity to visit as many galleries and exhibitions as I could. It’s always refreshing to look at different artists and their work, particularly as a source of inspiration for my own projects. One of the places I visited was The Barbican Centre – a …

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