Starting out at the Atlas

Today I went to London to meet with Cathy Runciman and Lisa Goldapple, Co-founder and Editor-in-chief of Atlas of the Future. It was good to see Cathy again and to meet Lisa in person, who largely operates from Barcelona. We started out discussing the plans for the future of the Atlas and how I might play a role in them, which will continue to develop as my relationship with the organisation does. For the moment, under the instruction of Lisa, I plan to help with the running of the Atlas website as well as their Instagram page. The Instagram page offers an opportunity for growth, both in terms of the way it operates and its subsequent outreach. I have a couple of ideas for how to explore this potential growth and will keep those ideas up-to-date on here.

We also met with a few of the clients which the Atlas is working with at the moment. GreenLab is a new set-up in London which works with local people and organisations to trial food-based sustainability projects. From using hydroponics to grow food with fish-poo to investigating mealworms as a potential food-source, GreenLab offers a space to try these small-scale projects which could have worldwide impact. There is the potential for me to spend some time in the lab documenting some of these projects and the growth of the relatively new space in which they are being trialled. This will be my first practical project with the Atlas and one which I’m very excited to begin working on.

 Traditional methods         Fish Poo

Next, we met up with Louise Ash of Meaning Conference to discuss some ideas for generating video output from this year’s conference. The conference, which takes place every year in Brighton, looks at some of the biggest issues we face today. Through a series of talks, workshops and discussion, it aims to facilitate the creation of ‘new methods, approaches and ways of working to create a more sustainable, equitable and humane world’. The plan is me to go to the conference this year to help cover the event, which would include interviews with key speakers and getting extra footage, outside the static 3-camera setup for the talks, to more fully capture the event itself.

Finally, we headed over to Volans to discuss how to move forward with the latest round of content which the Atlas is producing with them as part of Project Breakthrough. I’m not too sure of the full-scale of the partnership, but the bit that I will be focusing on is working with Lisa to edit footage which has already been filmed for the project.

Overall it’s been a great start to the placement. It’s really exciting working for projects which are working towards a better future; I’m already learning more about our world and how we’re striving to improve it. I can’t wait to see how this develops!

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