Loose Women – Day 2

Well, that was certainly an eventful second day. My list of accomplishments for the day include being in the same room as the Mock the Week cast minus Dara O Briain, but including Hugh Dennis holding the door open for me (which is definitely going on my CV) and being a personal shopper for the 4 puppies on the show tomorrow (also going on my CV). I got a proper feel for the runner role, traipsing through London for a list of items which ranged from leather gloves to birthday candles. Of course, I also got to network and learn more about various roles within the company, such as the function of an Assistant Floor Manager. But mostly the puppies personal shopping.


I mean it’s not these puppies but it’s close enough

Tomorrow I get to have a meeting with Nick Thomas, the Head of Editing, which I’m very excited about. I’m interested to see his career progression, from his younger years to where he is now, to gain some sense of trajectory for my own path. As someone with a lot of experience in the industry, I’m keen to get his take on where it’s headed as a whole, both in a technical and wider socioeconomic sense.

When I first travelled to London, looking around the crowded tubes I wondered why people stared steadfastly at the floor in front of them, oblivious of the people-watching opportunities all around them.

Heading back to my flat at 6:30 this evening, with the weight of a long day’s work pulling on my eyelids, I think I better understand.

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