Chalke Valley History Festival 2017

So I was hoping to do daily updates but, rather fittingly the history festival had virtually no wifi or phone signal. So instead must sum up my experiences in retrospect. But first a bit of background:

Chalke Valley History Festival has been running since 2011 and is the largest festival in the UK which is dedicated to history in all forms. It has over 100 talks from historians, authors and celebrities throughout the week, as well as an impressive array of Living History spanning from the Romans to WW2. On the Saturday and Sunday there are also air shows showcasing historical planes in all their glory.

It was a lot more hands on than more conventional work experience, we were planning, filming and editing all of the content created. As such, I was able to get involved with all 3 stages of production on a wide range of content including multi-camera talks, cinematic pieces, vox pops and plenty of interviews. Working in a real media environment tested and built confidence in my skills in a way University work could never achieve. It was a great feeling being able to see all the things I’d learnt come together so well.

My favourite project I worked on was the interview of one of the festival’s most beloved patrons, Bryan Beggs. This was admittedly in part due to the quality of the footage being so good, but the man was also a charismatic interviewee, which made staring at his face for several hours a bit more bearable. When I finished they had a private showing for him and his wife which was a bit of a tear-jerker. I was very proud to have played such a large part in the event.

My production manager Georgia, Bryan Beggs, his wife and me

The festival itself was also fantastic. Having a passion for history, the talks I was able to film were very interesting and by the Saturday the whole site’s atmosphere was electric. The Living History was particularly impressive. I was able to talk at length with some of them whilst filming a short cinematic project and the amount of knowledge they possessed about their era was staggering.

Overall it was a great experience, one which I hope to repeat in 2018!

4 thoughts on “Chalke Valley History Festival 2017”

  1. Hey Matt,
    This was a lovely summary to read and brought back some nice memories of the week. You had a great work ethic during the time in the Valley and the actual pieces you produced were great! LINK the Vimeo videos to this post, or better yet, make a follow up! 🙂

  2. Good Morning Matt,

    I am sorry to have to tell you that Bryan passed away on the 25th Jan. I was touched by what you said of him. Should I have anything to say of him then your comment about him describes both him and you. I hope we see each other again at CVHF2018. There is to be a Lecture in his honour and I hope to bring Diana to it.

    Paul Shepperd

    1. Hi Paul,

      I’m very sorry to hear that, thank you so much for taking the time to contact me. It was a pleasure meeting Bryan, as well as you and Diana. I’m hoping to make it to Chalke Valley again this year and would love to attend the lecture.

      1. The Pleasure was mutual – Do let Georgia know if you can. I will let Diana know that you have been in touch when we meet on Thursday

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