Job Interviews

So over the past few weeks, we’ve been preparing for a simulated job application to put all the skills gained from our Work in the Media Industries module to the test, which I talked about in a previous post. On Wednesday we finally got to run through the actual interviews.

I was one of the two people chosen for the interview stage. We were applying for an assistant cameraman role at a company called ‘Pink Pig Productions’. I had been sure to tailor my CV to illustrate my camera skills, and made sure to brush up on the job description before the interview. It was an interesting experience, even though it was a role-play I was surprisingly nervous. The actual interview went well, I managed to answer all the questions well and even surprised the interviewers with some knowledge about the company (which admittedly I memorised whilst waiting outside). The exercise was useful, but in a way the second part was even more so.

The second part was conducting interviews. Josh and I ran them, and had drawn up a series of questions and subsequent criteria to mark the candidates on. It was actually quite fun interviewing people, and sitting on the other side of the table I realised with much greater clarity that interviewers are just people.

The whole experience was very educational, I definitely feel more confident in my interview abilities as a result of it.


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