Clients and Audience

So today we started a new unit called Clients and Audience which, apart from the initial 6 hours of lectures I had to endure, looks to be one of the most interesting yet. As production groups, we are twinned with a real organisation who give us a brief from which we have to create content – and my group was paired with the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). Growing up in South Africa, I have always loved nature, having seen some of the most vibrant creatures firsthand (I had more than a dozen pets at once over there). As such, I’m relieved that we have an organisation I can relate to and get excited about, it will make working for them hopefully all the more fun.

I have chosen to undertake the role of Production Manager for this unit, which is another challenge I’m excited to undertake. Whilst having some experience in leadership roles, this will be the first time I organise a media team, so I’m keen to see what I can learn about it. A part of me wishes I had taken a more practical role like Creative Director but, as I’m beginning to realise, university is all about pushing yourself out of the comfort zone to learn new things. We meet the client on Monday, so I’ll have to draft some research up before then.

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