Exhibition Day

Last night we held the exhibition for our Stories and Spaces in the Fusion Building. It was pretty tense in the build-up to the 6:40 deadline, as we changed how we were going to project the piece the night before and only finished the final edit and export an hour before. However, I was really happy with the end result. The sound and visuals really came together with the space to create something quite emotive. I was glad I’d taken the time to create a solid soundscape, as it really helped create the atmosphere needed.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this project and being able to explore the world of audio. Although not a discipline I’d want to work in long-term, it has taught me the value of experimentation, something I feel is very important in a creative industry such as ours. I think sometimes the pressure of trying to ‘get the grades’ inhibits university students from trying new things, or even making the mistakes needed to grow as a creative producer. As such, I’m glad I had to opportunity to do just that and with so much artistic freedom.

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